So where do we plant trees?


So far we have planted trees in Peru and in India. At the moment We plant trees in batches of 1000 and chose a different project every time. So soon the list will be expanded with other countries


How can I check the trees are really planted?


Trust is crucial for the success of mygreengames. Therefore we want to provide maximum transparency.

Firstly, you can check our certificates from our tree planting partners

- First 1000 trees:

: - full certificate (1.3MB)


Secondly, we can provide you with contact details of our tree planting partners so you can verify yourselves these trees are planted


Thirdly, if you visit us in London, we can show you all original documents so you can verify for yourself.


If there is anything else you would like to know to ensure that the trees are really planted, let us know and we will implement it.


Who plants these trees ?


Trees for the Future is our tree planting partner. They have over 30 years of experience and partner with locals to plant the trees. So not only do we support planting trees, but also jobs for the locals




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