"Play a game and plant a tree!"

For those who want the 5-second answer: you play the games at My Green Games and we plant trees – simple as that. If you want the long version, read on below.


"Play a game ... and plant a tree!"
We count all the games that are played on our site and for every 1000 games that are played we commit to plant one tree. All our trees are currently planted in Peru - check out the project page for more details.


You can keep track of how many trees are planted by checking our tree counter on top of most of our pages. As you play games on our site, you will see it get's updated live! so the more games you play, the more trees we go out and plant.


Our vision is to transform the small things that people do every day into green actions. As so many things on the internet, playing games is for free for you. However whenever you play games, somebody is making money out of it. We are using this money to plant tree, effectively transforming your gameplay in small green steps.


So is this really going to make a difference? We are not going to single handedly solve global warming, but It is amazing how much impact we can have if everybody combines their small steps into green ones. If we could be as big as miniclip we would be able to plant one million trees a month!! This is equivalent to 10 square km per month or enough to replant all deforested land in Peru in 10 years. So, go on and play games at My Green Games to have fun while helping the environment or check out the help us page how you can help us plant even more trees!


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