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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Will Skiing Blogs donate a link?

We now rank #23 for the keyword skiing games

Sites linking to our page, is the single most important way we can boost our rankings. So this week we are looking for skiing blogs and sites that will donate a link to us.

So why would a skiing blog give us a link for free?

Short answer: Your link will allow us to plant 10 trees every month (120 per year!!) on deforested land in Peru

Long answer (if you like the numbers): We anticipate that 20 links will be enough to boost us to the number one spot for skiing games. This will in turn give us 18.000 visitors a month that each play around 10 games each which makes 180.000 games played or 180 trees. So if you divide this by the 20 links, you get 10 trees per month or 120 trees every year!

Hmm ok, I like doing something for the environment, but what is in it for me?

Besides the warm fuzzy feeling you are helping to combat climate change we can offer you some tangible rewards:
- recognition: Your name will appear on our 'Thank you wall' with 10 trees next to it. A tangible proof of what a good person you are
- free content for your blog: We can offer you a free skiing game you can post on your blog, so your visitors can play a game for free on your blog (we don't suck them to our site, the users stay on your site and play the game there)

So how do I add a link?

- You can copy the following code and past it on your blog:

- If you just want the url where to link to (if you use Skiing Games as the anchor text it will be much more effective):

I added a link to my blog, so now what?

Send us an email (webmaster[at] with the page where you put the link, your name (or anonymous) if you want to stay incognito. This will allow us to add you to our thank you wall

Other Questions?

If you have any other questions, leave a comment on the blog and we will add it to our list

Hopefully we convinced you to help us make playing games a bit more green.


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