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Monday, 20 July 2009

Let's make our small steps count - The MyGreenGames vision

Most of us care about the environment, but being green is not always easy. On the other hand we all do alot of things everyday without thinking: searching the internet, watching videos, playing games etc. Now imagine we can transform all these small steps into green onse...

That's exactly what we are trying to do with - we use the money we earn to buy deforested land, reforest it and guard it so it does not get destroyed again. This way we make something as neutral as playing online games into something green.

So does it really make a difference?
Let's dream - if we were as big as the top online gaming sites (e.g. Miniclip), this would allow us to plant 50 million trees every single month! This would cover an area the size of London every month!

We won't be that big overnight, but it shows the potential of mygreengames. Help us make a difference!


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